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Why Kenya for a Safari?

Home to splendid wildlife and a myriad of cultures, Kenya is a timeless safari destination. Popularised in films like Born Free and Out of Africa, Kenya epitomises the beauty of the African wilderness. Most touted for its Masai Mara National Reserve—the dramatic setting of the Great Wildebeest Migration—Kenya’s humbler reserves and tranquil coast are equally magnificent but often overlooked.


Kenya Family Safari Itineraries

Popular family safaris in Kenya include Big Five game viewing, natural beauty and cultural encounters.

Outside of the main reserves, many Kenyan camps are fly-in destinations. Some itineraries will see you hopping from one small-to-medium-sized safari camp to another. Easily combine Kenya’s top safari attractions such as the Masai Mara and private conservancies with the beautiful beaches of its tropical coast. Kenya also pairs well with Tanzania and Rwanda, so you can add gorilla trekking to your family safari. As the most popular safari destination in Africa, some areas in Kenya are especially busy at times. This is where our depth of knowledge is invaluable to avoid the crowds while showing off Kenya's best wildlife, landscapes, safari accommodation and warm hospitality. Get in touch so we can make your dream family safari a reality.
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Kenya Accommodation Options

Kenya delivers the classic East African family safari experience with accommodation that includes everything from traditional colonial-style lodges and rustic bush camps to amenity-packed beach resorts.

It's Kenya's tented safari camps however that truly capture the imagination and charm of a bygone era. The most luxurious of these open-air tents are fully furnished with built-in bathrooms and often feature extensive deck areas and outdoor showers. The more basic camps suited to walking safaris, however, are fully mobile, making it easier for guests to follow the Great Wildebeest Migration. As Africa's most sought-after safari destination, there are authentic and characterful lodges even in the busiest areas of places like the Masai Mara. Kenya is a fantastic destination choice for families with younger children as private vehicles, age-appropriate activities and family suites are available at many camps and lodges. In fact, many of our lodge partners on the ranch areas near Mt Kenya specialize in family based safaris.
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Top family-safari destinations in Kenya

Masai Mara National Reserve & Surrounds

On the route of the famous Great Wildebeest Migration, the Masai Mara's low-traffic private conservancies offer some of the most reliable game viewing in Africa. Here guides are permitted to go off-roading in pursuit of animals like big cats and take guests on night drives. The Mara is also where families head for guided walks, hot-air ballooning and to experience traditional Masai culture firsthand...
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While most Kenyan safaris begin or end in its capital, Nairobi, the city is a safari destination in its own right. Its metropolis is an unusual backdrop for game viewing but you could not have an easier introduction to East Africa's wildlife. Visitors to Nairobi can also find a handful of luxury hotels, award-winning restaurants and the famed Masai markets selling a collection of beautifully handcrafted curios.

Amboseli National Park

Closely guarded by Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park is small enough to experience in 1-2 days yet supports a vast array of wildlife, especially in and around its wetland areas. On the park's long species list, are elephant, buffalo, lion and leopard—which are often easy to spot on game drives across the low scrubby vegetation and open plains. Other ways for families to explore the park include horse-back safaris and nature walks with armed guides.

Samburu and Northern Kenya

Uncrowded Samburu National Reserve is a secret shared only among safari aficionados. On the sandy banks of the Ewaso Ng'iro river, anything from a pride of lions to a herd of leaping impala can appear at any time. While Samburu has more than its fair share of big game, the reserve is also home to a rare group of animals called the Special Five. Here you can also treat your family to sumptuous bush breakfasts and camelback safaris led by Samburu tribesmen. The heavily protected area between Mount Kenya and the northern deserts is one of the last refuges for rare black rhino and a treasured sanctuary for species like Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and wild dog. In addition to the usual list of family safari activities, add chimpanzees, camel trekking, scenic flights and hands-on conservation programmes. Of Born Free fame, Meru National Park supports a surprising range of habitats and species for its modest size. Heavily poached in the 1980s, Meru is now home to some of Kenya's largest buffalo herds and burgeoning populations of white and black rhino. As there are just a handful of camps with access to its well-watered savannahs and riverine forests, you will have much of the park to yourself.

The East: Bush and beach

Two of Kenya's largest reserves, Tsavo West and Tsavo East sit on either side of the highway connecting Nairobi and Mombasa. While wildlife in the western reserve is denser, Tsavo East is the quieter of the two and has a reputation for long-tusked red elephants and short-maned lions. Families visiting Tsavo can also enjoy horse-back and boat safaris, hot-air ballooning and guided community visits. A centuries-old route for the Arabian spice trade, the Kenyan coast is where the rugged wilderness meets the glistening Indian Ocean. White-sand sanctuaries like Diani Beach and far-flung Lamu Island are idyllic refuges for relaxation and the perfect post-safari add-on. Enjoy life at your own pace with excellent diving if you're inclined, or do nothing but read a book and watch the dhow boats sail by.