Nurturing Family Safaris across Africa
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Why take a family safari?

We believe travel is the finest education life can offer, and these experiences are only richer when shared with loved ones. As we grow older with our clients, we find ourselves modifying itineraries to cater for their expanding families. Today our safaris include programs for everyone from multigenerational families, to single parents and new families with young children.

Getting into nature and disengaging from the distractions of the modern world can help you reconnect as a family. With so much to learn about the African wilderness for people of all ages, a family safari is an opportunity to celebrate the beauty of our natural world and reacquaint ourselves with the simpler things in life.

What the experts say about family travel

Steven Roberston - internationally acclaimed author and transformative trainer.

"Family travel presents a stage for creating and sharing narratives, building personal and familial identities. The stories woven during these adventures echo long after the journey, strengthening familial bonds and deepening communication skills. Amidst the chaos of modern life, it also challenges parents to become the most important content in their child's life, providing meaningful, real-life experiences that can outshine any screen..."

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Nature is worth sharing

There's nothing quite like seeing the eyes of your little one light up as they spot their first lion in the wild. Part of the joy of a family safari is experiencing these special moments in nature together. We know that family bonding is important to you, but also realise there are individual needs and age-specific interests within your group.

Child-focused activities

Don't lose sleep over how to keep your kids engaged while on safari. Experienced staff, playroom facilities and specialised programmes at our best family lodges all help to entertain them. Between adapted game drives, scavenger hunts, cooking lessons and learning about other cultures, your children will not only keep busy but also learn the importance of conservation and caring for the environment through these fun-filled activities.

Family-friendly accommodation

Our favourite family lodges have an extensive range of accommodation options. Imagine a giant tent with interconnecting rooms where you can all camp out in the African bush together under one roof. But with options for private villas, honeymoon suites and two or three-bedroom family units, you are always afforded the proximity or privacy you want, whenever you want it.

Bird lovers who brave the mid-summer heat and occasional downpour between December and March are rewarded with sightings of bustards, kestrel and waxbills, as well as shorebirds like sandpipers. Namibia's wet season makes the arid landscape spring to life with brightly-coloured flowers and many newborn animals. All areas of Namibia's parks are easily accessible in summer because there is less rain and mud than in some other regions. Despite smaller concentrations of game, water is still available at some waterholes in Etosha National Park and therefore spotting game is unusually easy for the wet season as the animals are less dispersed.

Safari packages for everyone

Our vacation packages and custom family safaris ensure you are never tied down to just one experience while in Africa. By combining a classic East African safari with an unforgettable beach break in Zanzibar, your kids won't get itchy feet staying in one place for too long. If it's South Africa you want to visit, we can help you plan a family vacation experience that includes the Mother City of Cape Town, the Winelands, and the lush Garden Route all in one trip.

Custom-built family safaris

You can also craft your own family safari, all the way from picking your dream destination to the accommodation and bucket-list experiences you want to have in Africa. If you like the freedom that a private game-viewing vehicle can offer you on safari, we can arrange that too. Whatever your needs and preferences, 15 years of planning and building safaris means we have the know-how to customise every last detail of the experience for your family.