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Bush fun at the Ngwana club

With our lodge partners, we know where to turn your children into explorers.

At certain African Bush Camp lodges, we arrange dedicated guides who unearth the importance of conservation in a fun and exciting way. From the moment your family arrives your children will be welcomed with an explorer starter kit which includes a cool book bag, an animal coloring book and a set of coloring pencils. That is just the start – we also arrange kids bush walks, cooking, traditional games and storytelling around a camp fire. And the biggest secret – we know exactly what time of the year your children stay free.

Children stay free

Children invariably are priced at a lower rate than adults.

However, with some of our lodge partners, in the right season, children stay FREE. Of course, we know when this applies and importantly, what other locations pair well with the “kids free season”. One hint is that this is also the best season to visit Cape Town. So you get added value to your safari.


Teepee’s and kids’ mocktails.

Adding an extra touch for your visit to the 12 Apostles hotel in Cape Town; we plan for teepee's to be erected in your room for the kids to sleep in.

Kids will love having their own special space to enjoy. They can retreat into their teepee for some quiet time or engage in imaginative play, making their stay even more exciting. Outside of the room, we can arrange milkshake making, pizza making, or cupcake baking sessions- all under the guidance of the expert chefs. We love adding this to a family itinerary so you can take in the incredible views from the hotel while your kids are busy in the kitchen.


Cragging kids

Did you know that “pride rock” from the Lion king film originates from the Laikipia area of Kenya.

Specifically, we have camp partners who in addition amazing wildlife, also has an amazing array of rock climbing activities. These cater for all ages and abilities but specifically, if you stay for 3-4 nights, your kids can do the activity everyday, ramping up their skills and ability. All the climbs are 'Top-rope' climbs, meaning they are secured by being anchored and equalized between paired bolts. This leaves no room for compromise when it comes to your safety and all the setups meet the highest safety standards.


Discover Mashatu

Send your kids on a journey of discovery at Mashatu. This extraordinary destination has something special in store for our little explorers - an incredible Discovery Room at one of the camps.

We find that young adventurers love learning from the displays, the life size giraffe neck, the various natural curiosities and the archaeological wonders of Mashatu. Additionally, a qualified guide accompanies your children as they go on this journey of discovery, freeing your time up to relax at the pool or perhaps take in a massage at the spa…

From kids to cubs at Londolzi.

A highlight at Londolozi is the Cubs Den where children can have fun in a safe environment.

The Cubs Den encourages creativity using the abundance of natural resources – from river sand to build castles, fresh water to fill the moat, an array of grass species to make turrets and driftwood to add bridges and a myriad of other natural products to complete the decorating. A highlight of the Cubs Den is the Tree of Life – a tree painted on the wall where each visitor to the Den leaves their handprint as a leaf. This tree lives and flourishes and grows with each new cub visiting the Den and signifies the growth and importance of children. Londolozis offering is a very special one and we love sending families here – as it offers them so many family related options during their stay.


& Beyond Wild child

&Beyond’s WILDchild programme is takes your child on an expedition with new activities planned daily such as tracking and fishing, beading, crafting and painting.

Each night before getting into bed, your young ones will find an assignment for the following day’s expedition laid out on their pillow, ready to fill their dreams with anticipation. Each expedition is carefully selected according to the interests and ages of the children and are carried out in the care of their friendly staff, from rangers and trackers to childminders and cooks. To make it even more special, the activities at each of their camps tie in with that particular environment, as well as the local heritage of the region - we believe the best way to learn is through fun!

Cottars kids of the Mara

The Cottars kids of Mara programme engages in exciting activities that will leave a lasting impact.

One truly immersive experience is their Maasai Warrior School, where children have the chance to learn the skills and traditions of these remarkable warriors. This engagement is tailored to different age groups, ensuring that younger children can participate in activities like fire-making, spear throwing, and practicing with bow and arrows, Maasai jumping, dancing, singing, and tracking - we encourage our families to celebrate the rich African cultures they visit and we can’t think of a more fun way than attending the Masai Warrior school while on safari.


Walking with Masai and Camels

This very underrated travel method is highly recommended by us for exploring northern Kenya.

These expeditions are led by skilled trackers from the Laikipia Masai Samburu community, accompanied by a small group of riding camels. There is so much to explore and see. You will visit magical landscapes, Samburu villages and see good wildlife. For adventurous families, this is highly recommended and when the children get tired, they can ride on the camels!

Tintswalo Boulders – Penguins and private beach

Conveniently situated near Boulders beach within the Table Mountain National Park, this property offers so much.

Stunning views, easy access to the Cape Reserve and other landmarks, plus a unique and secluded beach and access to the Penguin walkway through a private gate. We love using this property for our group as it ticks all the right boxes for us.


Samoosa folding Bo-kaap

Samoosa folding offers family groups the opportunity to acquire the traditional folding skills employed in Cape Malay cuisine.

In a private home, participants are taught the skill of rolling and folding pastry sheets, resulting in the distinctive triangle shape that guarantees the filling remains secure while being fried. It is incredibly fun, engaging and perfect for the whole family.

SUP in Table bay

Utilizing a paddleboard you can enjoy the pleasure of paddling on a stable board while upright on your feet.

It is a great family activity that everyone above 12 years old can do and you can complete a 3-kilometer circuit all along the beautiful Table Bay waterfront. You can opt to be accompanied by a guide or venture independently.


Shark Warriors - Simons Town

An excellent water adventure activity for guests staying near Simonstown, where you can do a penguin paddle, snorkelling, kayaking or SUP’ing all in amongst some stunning scenery.

This is one of the Capes best kept secrets and everyone we know absolutely loves the kelp forest exploration.

Seal diving Hout Bay

Plunge yourself deep into a kelp forest underwater and partake in an unforgettable snorkeling experience alongside countless inquisitive Cape Fur seals.

This is a real adventure, as you head out by boat to the kelp forests and dive into the open ocean. Highly recommended for our more adventurous families.


Kambaku Cubs programme

At Kambaku, kids get to have a blast while gaining knowledge.

During their stay, they'll discover the art of animal tracking, identify the poo of who, identify various birds and frogs, and even learn to handle a bow and slingshot. To enhance their experience, they'll be provided with a backpack and training manual, along with a certificate to show off to their friends. Learning becomes an exciting adventure when it's combined with fun at Kambaku.