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Welcome to Nurture Africa Safaris!

We are delighted that you have expressed interest in booking a safari with us.

Crafting an unforgettable safari is our specialty but we realize that the process might be unfamiliar to many.

This page shows the flow of the booking process, each step is vital to making sure we can build an exceptional safari just for you.

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The Steps

Step 1 | Reach out

You contact us with your enquiry. We pay careful attention to your specific requirements: your preferred dates of travel, desired destination, budget, interests and the type of experience you are looking for. Our safari specialist reviews your preferences to understand your needs. Email us on or simply complete our online enquiry form.

Step 2 | Your options

Your safari specialist creates an itinerary showcasing your safari, including the logistics, lodges/accommodations and activities at each location. This itinerary showcases exactly what your safari experience could look like. Additionally, we provide you with an approximate per person cost of the safari.

Step 3 | Fine tune

You review the example itinerary carefully. Your assigned safari specialist works with you on changes or additions. They will also provide recommendations for new options.

Step 4 | Finishing touches

Once you are satisfied with the proposed itinerary, budget, lodges and activities, we proceed to finalize the details. At this stage, we prepare a formal cost of your safari. We will also start the process of securing the accommodation and other essential components of your safari to guarantee availability.

Step 5 | Finalize plans

Once you approve the finishing touches, 30% deposit confirms your safari. Once received we use the deposit to pay our lodge partners, contractually confirming the accommodations and logistics for the safari. Throughout this process, we will keep you informed and provide you with all the relevant details and documentation.

Step 6 | Pre-Safari checks

8 weeks (about 2 months) prior to your safari, we will send you a travel pack, detailing all your travel requirements which include meet and greets/transfer information, climate, keeping healthy, daily travel details, clothing to wear, contact details on safari and emergency contact details. This is also the time to pay the balance amount of the safari.

Step 7 | Safari time

Arrive ready for your safari and have the most incredible experience on a continent possible.

Step 8 | Reflection

You’ll arrive home having left a piece of your heart in Africa and memories to last a lifetime. Take the time to sort through the photographs and relive your experience. We’d also love to hear about your safari. We’ll send you an email requesting your feedback. We take your feedback seriously as it is invaluable to us to help us improve and maintain our excellent service.



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